I’m standing next to a mountain…

I realize after meeting so many folks that are interested in our progress that I haven’t done a great job putting out information.  While I certainly don’t mind answering the same questions over and over again, it seems a disservice to the people that are following us to be required to run into me at a pub or be left in the dark.  I hope that this will be an outlet for information that will keep everyone up to date and answer most questions.  Feel free to ask about anything I haven’t covered here in the reply boxes at the bottom of the posts.  And as always, feel free to inquire in the wonderfully human way – at the pub.

We are opening a 15 BBL brewery in Boynton Beach, FL.  We will open with three 15 BBL fermenters and two 30 BBL fermenters.  During our buildout we will be installing plumbing, wiring, glycol lines, etc. to install four more 30 BBL fermenters and an additonal brite tank as soon as production requires it.  After many discussions with other brewers, the common problem seems to be making enough beer.  We’ll do our best.

Our location is 99.9% secure.  That .01% of doubt remains as there is much left to do.  After our experiences over the past 8 months, no chickens are yet counted.  We should be located at 505 Industrial Way in Boynton.  Buildout is scheduled to begin as soon as the permitting process is complete.  Our plans for the tasting room, offices, bathrooms, etc. are going to the city permitting office sometime around the 10th of August.  Then we wait.

Speaking of tasting rooms, once we’re open you will be able to come to our brewery and actually drink a beer.  We will be building a 1500 sq ft facility for sampling our beers, picking up growlers to go, and stopping by for a pint of your favorite brew.  As we will be distributing, no food will be served.  We will encourage folks to bring their own take-out if you’d like to eat with us or order delivery from the many local restaurants in the area.  We will be open most days (schedule to be determined) and will be closing at 10pm during the week and 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  Tours will be available as well.

Many folks have asked what kind of beers we will be making.  This can be a tough question to answer.  We have a range of beers that we’re narrowing down right now to the five or six that we’ll be opening with.  In addition to these brews, we’ll be doing many special edition beers on our pilot system that will only be available in our tasting room.  We do know that our honey wheat, our espresso vanilla porter and our signature IPA will be available all the time.  I’m currently taking some heat for not having our caramel creme ale on that list, and it very well may end up there, but this is a process and we’ll see it til the end.

I continue to get questions about hiring.  While our people will be one of the most important aspects of our business, we haven’t quite made it to that bridge yet.  We expect to begin taking applications for a few positions in the brewery in mid-September and hiring for the tasting room will begin around Halloween.  Seems appropriate.

I’m going to make every effort to keep this up to date and keep as many questions as possible answered.  Certainly, milestones will be posted here, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, and on our website at DueSouthAles.com.


Finally, I’d like to say thanks to all of you out there that stay interested, ask questions, and support us on our journey.  It means the world to us.




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3 responses to “I’m standing next to a mountain…

  1. We are so excited for you and that we have a brewery so close to us. Looking forward to raising a pint to celebrate

  2. really looking forward to following the progress on the blog. can’t wait to try some of your beer!

  3. Count me in as one of the many excited people. Good idea opening the blog.

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