One step closer.

The city of Boynton Beach unanimously voted to approve our amendment to allow our brewery in the industrial zoning area.  While we’re thrilled about this, there is one more reading before it’s finalized.  The second (and last) reading will be heard on September 6th.  As James Brown would say, “I feel good.”

We’re currently mulling over the brewery layout and placement of all of the equipment.  We’ve got the tasting room situated and it will be an ‘L’ shaped room with three 8 foot windows on the back walls to see out into the brewery.  The concern is not only the functionality of the equipment, but we hope to leave a fair amount of space available for expansion.  In considering all of this, we also want everyone to be able to view as much of the operation as possible and we hope that everyone in the tasting room will feel as though they are part of the process.  Because they are.

I’ll be posting some plans on our Facebook page as soon as things start coming together.

We’ve been kicking around some logo ideas on Facebook as well and the feedback has been great.  Thanks to all of you that take the time out of your day to make our brewery better.

We have a new addition to the family as of today.  We’ve incorporated a new 25 gallon brew kettle into the pilot system so we have enough volume to fill firkins and barrels.  The maiden brew is actually going on right now and I’m typing this between hop additions.  In case your curious, it’s a big batch of our Honey Wheat.

Before I go I’d like to take a second to thank a couple of people that have been and continue to be very helpful to us throughout this process.  Matt Webster from Tequesta Brewing Co., Fran from Brewzzi’s and Matt Cox from Big Bear Brewing have all done more for us than I can possibly thank them for.  If you get the opportunity, visit their breweries, drink their beer, and thank them for all of their hard work.  These are good people.

Until next time, take care everybody.  I’ve got to go add more hops…


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