So we were on tv last night.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Fran at Brewzzi’s letting me know Channel 5 news was doing a story on the brewery amendment vote in Boynton Beach.  Fran was up brewing with Matt at Tequesta Brewing Co.  in Tequesta.  These two guys were nice enough to give the reporter my number and involve us in the story.  We ended up on tv.  How cool is that?  Thanks to both of them and we owe you big.

In case you missed the story, you can view it here.


They actually did two different spots, one at 10pm on Fox news and one at 11pm on the local NBC news.  The feedback has been very positive and we were thrilled to be a part of it.  Unfortunately we’re not finished with zoning yet.

Apparently a while back the City of Boynton changed their code so adult entertainment establishments couldn’t sell alcohol.  The fear now is they could move in next to a brewery since breweries will soon be allowed in the industrial areas.  I’m told a simple language adjustment to ensure this doesn’t happen is all that’s necessary.  We’re on the schedule for a final vote on September 20th and hopefully all will go well.  We’ll keep everyone up to date.

On other fronts things are going well.  We’re brewing and getting ready for the Treasure Coast Beerfest in Fort Pierce in October.  The paperwork is piling up, which is a good thing.  It means more is being completed.  We’re navigating as best we can and although our time frame is adjusted daily we’re still confident that we’ll make it to the end, regardless of the date.

Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback throughout our process and we look forward to pouring all of you a beer as soon as possible.





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