A few updates…

As some of you already know, the Boynton Beach City Council meeting was held last night and they were expected to vote on the amendment to allow breweries into the industrial zoned areas.  They voted and passed the amendment.  Now we can get a letter of conforming use and the door is open for us to begin work.

We expect to take possession of our property on October 1st and begin work soon thereafter.  The architectural drawings are complete for the most part and we’re bringing in the consultants to lay out the electric, plumbing and air conditioning.  We’ll go to permitting as soon as the consultants have their plans finished and we’ll begin work.  At the same time our engineers in California are laying out plans for the brewing equipment.  We have placed the equipment within the plans as we would like to see it and the engineers will draw out the plumbing, electric, glycol lines, etc.  Once complete, we’ll begin the equipment install.

Speaking of equipment, we received a shipment of fermenters, brite tanks, and our hot liquor tank.   The brewhouse will be delivered when it’s ready to be set in place as it’s not much fun to move.   We barely slept for a few days until the alarm was installed but we’re all secure now.  We only had one casualty.  Our 30 BBL brite tank was strapped incorrectly and is damaged on the top.  It’s being addressed now and shouldn’t hold us up.  By the way, there’s more photos here.

Thanks to everyone for your support and I look forward to less time between updates in the near future as things are finally getting interesting.



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