Due South at the Treasure Coast Beer Fest

This past Saturday we were fortunate enough to be invited to bring some of our beers up to Fort Pierce for the Treasure Coast Beer Fest.  Jodi and I attended the event last year and had a great time.  We had a great time this year as well, although we did quite a bit more pouring than we did drinking.

We took our Caramel Cream Ale, Southbound Brown, Honey Wheat and our new Red Hoptober.  The organizers, who did a fantastic job by the way, placed us right at the front entrance so we had the luxury of being the first beer of the day for many folks.  We could tell right from the start that the Caramel Cream Ale was going to be a big hit and the hopheads were buzzing about the Red Hoptober.  Once it was all said and done, I don’t think I could have imagined a better response from not only the attendees, but the organizers and the other brewers as well.

The line at the booth was steady and we noticed lots of people coming back again and again.  If I had a nickel for everyone that walked up and said, ‘Everyone is talking about this Caramel Cream Ale stuff and said I’ve got to try it’ well, I’d have a bucket full of nickels.  There were many sad faces when the keg ran dry.  We’re considering changing the name of our Red Hoptober so we can offer it all year.  After the response we received from this beer Saturday, I would expect this to happen.  I did mention many times that I was considering changing the Southbound Brown recipe to make it just a touch less bitter and the general consensus was that I would be a fool if I did so and everyone would hate me.  I’ll leave it alone so you can all sleep well tonight.

In addition to being able taste some of the beers from other Florida breweries (let me insert here that if you haven’t been to Tequesta Brewing Co. in Tequesta you should stop reading this and grab your keys), I also met lots of great folks from Brown’s Distributing, various restaurants and bars, people I’ve talked to on Twitter and never met, and lots of Facebook followers stopped in and said hi.  Also, it’s not often enough that we get to see our pals from around Florida like Phil from Cigar City, Matt from Tequesta Brewing, Mike from MikeLovesBeer.com, Dan the Beer Guy and the guys from the Funky Buddha so it was great to have a chance to visit with everyone for a bit.  One day I’ll figure out how to organize an event where the public gets to pour the beer and watch the brewers stand around and drink.

As I said, we were well received and I thank everyone for their kind words about our beers.  No one wants it to be available more than us so I can assure you we’re doing everything we can to get it in your glass as quickly as possible.

I’ll continue to update as much as possible and keep everyone in the loop as to our progress.  We’re still shooting for the end of this year and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have a narrowed down date.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and we look forward to serving you again real soon.





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One response to “Due South at the Treasure Coast Beer Fest

  1. darlene

    glad you had such a great response to your beers at the Beerfest!!

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