And we’re back…

I realize it’s been a bit quiet around here for the past couple of weeks but we’re finally getting back on track.  We had a few issues holding us up that I’m glad to say we’ve overcome and it’s time to start building a brewery!

We’ve put together a few new things to try to keep everyone involved and updated as we progress.  We’ve set up a YouTube channel so we can upload some video, connected our blog, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages to make it easier for everyone to stay informed, and we hope to begin some website updates soon.

We expect next week to start the floor drain installation in conjunction with the tasting room buildout.  We’ll be putting in the restrooms, offices and walk-in cooler at the same time.  The consultants are working on the electrical, gas, plumbing, and A/C.  The architect is finishing work with the engineers for the equipment installation.  The brewhouse is being loaded onto a truck in California.  In addition to spending as many hours as possible on the phone, I’m chasing down diamond blades to cut concrete and figuring out the best way to insulate schedule 80 PVC for the glycol lines.  During all of this, the stack of paperwork that is our federal, state, county, and city licensing applications is currently about as thick as the Miami phone book.  If it were sitting on top of another Miami phone book.  The plan right now is to try to get 8 hours of sleep sometime in mid to late March.

But who cares, we’re opening a freaking brewery!

We’ve had lots of people ask about the shirts and hats they saw at the Treasure Coast Beer Fest.  We only had a handful made for the event but we’ll be making more soon.  We’ll make them available as soon as they’re ready.

As always, thanks to everyone for following along with us and keep your eye out for our inaugural YouTube video.  Although it might just be me leaning up against a 30 BBL fermenter with a stupid grin on my face so I would advise you to keep your expectations low.

Until next time – Cheers!





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