Moving right along…

Just flew back in last night from Extreme Beer Fest.  Jodi and I had a great time running around Boston and drinking lots of beer.  As for Extreme Beer Fest, well, there’s plenty of info and opinions flying around the internet right now so we’ll leave it at that.

Due South Brewing Co. had a nice write up in the Sun Sentinel today.  Even had a picture.  Looks like I don’t have a ‘good’ side these days but at least you can see some shiny stainless steel in the pic.  Thanks to the folks that put it together.

Speaking of our brewery, progress updates continue to be difficult as always.  We are mired in the permitting process with the city of Boynton.  As we expected, they’ve never seen a brewery before so they pulled out all the stops in requesting additional information.  We’re sending over everything we have and then some with the hopes that someday we can begin work.  We did move all of our equipment to one corner of the building preparing to cut the drains.  Unfortunately there are no drains on the west side of the building where we need them so we’ll be cutting about 180 feet of concrete and asphalt to install new ones.  Fun, huh?  To give you a perspective, we were expecting one page of comments from the building department.  Possibly a page and a half.  We got eleven pages.  I think the word is the ‘gamut’.

So now it’s back to work trying to please the powers that be and continue doing the things we can to get the brewery up and running.  We hope to be making beer soon and we really appreciate all of the support we’re getting from the media, our architects and engineers and of course you folks that go the extra mile to drink beer that’s worth drinking.  Come hell or high water the fermenters will be full soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we’re doing our best.







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  1. Every day is a little be closer to the end of that road. Hopefully, I can snag me one of the first espresso porters to come off the line.

    Every play with Zythos/FF 7C’s? Just curious.

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