Introducing the Due South Brewhouse!

Yes, folks, we actually set the brewhouse today.  I’ll get to that in a minute but first, a few important updates:

We finally received our permit approval on Wednesday which we had been working for since January.  It took forever but it’s done now and good things are happening.

Our concrete was already cut and our drains were installed but we couldn’t pour the new concrete until we passed our inspections.  We couldn’t call for inspections until our permit was approved.  You get the idea.  But all that is water under the bridge now as our permit is approved and we passed structural, electrical and plumbing rough inspections today.  We still have to pass our final inspections which we expect to happen next week.  All very good news.

Also today, Todd Brown came down from Tampa to help us install the brewhouse.  The brewhouse is the equipment we use to produce the wort (unfermented beer) before it goes into the fermenters for the yeast to turn the wort to beer.  It consists of a mash tun, a kettle, a brewer’s platform, a grant, a cool control panel and lots of valves, bells and whistles to move, heat and cool the wort as necessary.  For more specifics, come take a tour after we open.

Initially we set the platform and leveled it.

Once in place we moved in the mash tun and got it set and level.

After this we brought the brew kettle in and got it set in place.  That’s when we realized that the exhaust stack from the burner was right under a sprinkler pipe.  So we took it all back apart and started over again.

The second time we set the brew kettle in place so the exhaust vents wouldn’t hit anything.  Then we set the platform and mash tun to the brew kettle and it worked out much better.

Next was lots of piping, mounting the stairs and installing valves.

We put the control panel on and even installed the lights in the mash tun and kettle.

We now have the heart of our brewery in place and are days away from firing up the system to test valves, check for leaks, etc. and finally make some beer.

It’s taken us 15 months to get this far and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tomorrow we pour concrete, set all of our tanks upright and prepare to set the fermenters and brite tanks in place which will happen this weekend after the concrete is set.

Next week – final connections.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and support.  Believe me, Due South beer is right around the corner.




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